The Henley Partnership


Ever wanted a simple, yet intelligent, way to give your senior leaders access to high-end learning and leadership development? The Henley Partnership is exactly that – a partnership between Henley Business School and our deliberately diverse corporate members. Together, we create and design an ongoing programme for senior people (board, directors and senior managers).

Bringing the best business brains from Henley Business School and our network, we provide a balance of themed learning, masterclass events and peer networking.

So how does it work?  Organisations join an exclusive group that partners with us to design a high-quality continuing professional development programme.  It's a true community of practice, where the members shape the learning of their senior executives to match the pressing issues of the day.  One simple, annual, membership fee provides access to a year-long calendar of masterclass events, on the topics and business issues our members tell us matter most to them. The delegates have the opportunity to:

  • hear challenging new thinking
  • debate issues with senior leaders from other organisations and sector
  • and share experience and best practice.

Our Members

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We ensure The Henley Partnership represents a diverse range of industries; our members value the time to share experience and best practice with peers.

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For more information please contact Emily Sansom by email at or by phone on +44 (0) 1491 418 855.


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