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We believe success in business takes an understanding of more than just business. It requires a wider perspective and an ability to see the bigger picture.

A deep understanding of our world and cultural differences enables us to communicate, forge relationships and do business around the globe.

It comes from absorbing the wisdom of some of the world’s foremost business academics and practitioners then applying it at the sharp end of business.

It comes from working with a truly international organisation respected around the globe. A business school that numbers some of the world’s most successful business leaders amongst its faculty and alumni.

Apprenticeship Levy

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In April 2017 the Apprenticeship Levy is being introduced as part of an initiative to encourage companies to invest in their people development. The Levy is a new payroll tax exacted at 0.5% on institutions whose payroll is greater than £3M per tax year.

Degree Apprenticeship

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Henley Business School are an approved provider of Apprenticeship Levy services to the Skills Funding Agency.

The Henley Partnership

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Engaging masterclasses and networking for corporate members to develop current thinking.

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