Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships

The Apprenticeship Levy

Henley Business School are an approved provider of Apprenticeship Levy services to the Skills Funding Agency. We are one of the leading business schools that trades internationally. The Levy is a key feature of our Executive Education offer. When we began on this journey in 2016, we decided to enter the market, by bringing the quality of our Triple Accredited Executive Education offer to UK businesses who will be subject to Levy payments. Our offer has been warmly received. Using our heritage and expertise, we have developed a BA in Applied Management as part of the Chartered Managers Standard, approved by the CMI.

The Chartered Managers Degree is an exciting opportunity for us and our clients. The Levy has a degree of flexibility within it which allows the Business School to deliver the excellence that our clients expect either at our Greenlands Campus in Henley on Thames, and/or at our Clients offices. The corporate cohort nature of our delivery where a number of current and aspiring managers work together from one client, allows the Business School to provide customisation of the programme. The customisation allows our Academics to tailor the content to the needs of the client. This ensures that content is active and part of the Client’s business challenges of today and tomorrow.

Over time, the Business School is expecting to be involved in many more Degree level programmes. In 2017 and 2018, we expect to have a suite of offers in the sectors of: finance, accounting, banking, and other management levels.


Maximising the Levy

The Levy is new, and has many complicated features to it. If you are a current client of Henley’s or not, we will share with you our expertise to optimise the use of the Levy. This includes assisting our clients to identify other providers who deliver Standards that Henley and the University of Reading do not. As part of this service:

  • We will meet with you to share case studies of other Levy programmes that we are delivering.
  • Provide an Account Manager who will help to develop a workforce development plan, that takes into consideration the whole business, not just the issues of Management
  • Conduct demonstrations on how the Government’s systems operate and keep you up to date on the latest policy thinking around the Levy.
  • Develop an implementation plan, against the Standards that are currently available.

Where the Levy is a new opportunity for your sector, we can also assist in the development of new Standards. New Standards have a certain level of complexity to them, which we can assist with.

Our offer to you

As a leading Business School, we are maintaining the same rigour that we have with all our Executive Education offers. Our Academic Faculty will continue to feature as part of our Triple Accreditation. The Accreditation is particularly important to the Business School and our clients. The Accreditation ensures that our Academics are not in the classroom all the time, they also undertake an intense programme of research. This approach is what puts us in the top 1% of Universities in the World. Simply put, we deliver the best programmes, using the best faculty. And although the Levy is programme that needs to meet Standards, we are developing innovative programmes that meet our Client’s needs.

Every year, we are limiting our Levy services to 30 Clients. Rather than having 100’s of Clients, we wanted to intensely focus our skills on Clients who want to use the Levy to enact change in their business. Whether that change is about culture change, replacing an ageing workforce, or developing & implementing disruptive technologies in the business, we have a faculty who use their worldwide experience to craft your Managers into the best possible leaders and managers for the future.

How does it work?

The Levy creates some exciting opportunities.  We are limited to the volume of clients we can work with.  Working with 30 premier Clients, we are expecting Clients to have a strategic issue that they want to work with the Business School on and use part of their Levy to develop their organisation and people with.

  • With our Clients, we will narrow the key strategic issue they are trying work on. The issue will be embedded in the Business School’s programme of delivery. Where required, we will customise modules that meet the strategic issue.
  • The Client will identify 50 people in the organisation who have the skills, job role, and maturity required to complete the3 year programme. The Business School will ensure that employees are eligible, and where required will assist with the screening process.
  • To administer the programme, the Business School will deliver three type of training:
    • System administration that includes the management of the HMRC Levy Gateway
    • Employee inductions that prepare the employee for the requirements of the programme as well as how to self manage their time on the programme to receive the best results
    • Manager training that supports Manager who will be leading their employees on the journey of completing the Charters Managers Degree
  • During the programme, Development Coaches will support employees, ensuring that they are making sufficient progress on their learning aims. That data will be shared with the Client’s Project Manager, so that they can put in place any corrective action required, or provide additional support.
  • During the programme, the employee will complete modules. The modules will be made up of reflective practices, maintained on a blog. They will also complete work place projects that will be pre-determined with the Client. This approach improves the quality of the work and often becomes a piece of work that can be adopted within the organisation
  • Across the year, the employee will commit to 15 days off site training that will take place at the Client’s location or at Henley. We recommend at least one residential experience at Greenlands, our campus at Henley on Thames

When the employee completes the programme, they will:

  • Receive a BA in Applied Management by Henley Business School, validated by the University of Reading.
  • Be a Chartered Member of the CMI
  • Become part of the international Alumni of Henley Business School, which today is over 70,000 strong, creating one of the most distinguished Alumni programmes in the world

For the Client, the benefits include:

  • Strategic use of the Levy
  • A development programme for the business, linked to a strategic development
  • A recruitment & retention tool for staff and new recruits
  • A more rounded employee who will contribute in new ways to the business….

For more information about Henley's degree apprenticeships please contact us by email at apprenticeships@henley.ac.uk