Snapping at snap election - leadership is difficult

28 April 2017

Snapping at snap election - leadership is difficult image

In the UK fresh elections have been called by surprise.
One intriguing aspect – the many answers out there already, 3 hours after such a massive decision. I wonder: before throwing answers out, are we even aware of the questions and challenges at this stage?

From the many possible leadership questions, I focus on shaping respect & disrespect, then on clarity, misalignment & healing.

Respect and disrespect

Many will argue calling election is a breach of trust. What do messages and promises actually mean today? Where is the value? When it has only been four weeks or so since the government consistently ruled out early election. Politicians, bankers, managers are often rated low for us trusting them, etc.

Nevertheless, I have heard that too often.

Interestingly you can turn it around and ask if an early election means that the government trusts the people, the electorate?

Or you can ask how we actually behave and what we contribute so that influential people consider they can breach our trust regularly?

However, what about respect? While for strategic leadership this decision makes complete sense, at the interpersonal level of leadership it may signal a lack of regard and respect towards the citizens who can be told or untold everything at discretion. And what kind of behaviour will this reinforce in other people in society who are observing this?

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