Dr John Latsis

Associate Professor in Social and Organisational Theory

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Dr John Latsis

Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
By Area: Social & Organisational Theory, Philosophy of Economics and Social Science, Heterodox Economics
Whiteknights campus
+44 (0) 118 378 5357
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John Latsis is an Associate Professor in Social and Organisational Theory at Henley Business School. He previously held a Junior Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University. His research interests are in social theory and economic philosophy and cover questions about the nature of conventional behaviour and rule following in social life, the influence of theory on economic action, and the socio-economic dimensions of human need. His recent publications include articles in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Journal of Institutional Economics and the British Journal of Sociology. John is also an editor of Economic Thought, a journal published by the World Economics Association that focuses on the philosophy, methodology and history of economics. He is currently lecturing on Organisational Behaviour and also contributing to methods and ethics teaching at Henley Business School.