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Update: From HCEL to The Henley Centre for Leadership

Following extensive discussion we have decided that the Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership will now be called “The Henley Centre for Leadership”. This does not signify a change of approach or of ethos, scope or interest; it is simply a move to ease communication and to ensure clarity of purpose after our first three years.

We will update our web presence shortly.

The HCLs guiding theme: 'To explore, investigate, understand, and advance new forms, practices, and sources of engaging leadership in global contexts and in doing so creating significant intellectual insights, stimulation and practical support for leadership'.

The Henley Centre for Leadership (HCL) was founded in 2013 to advance Henley Business School's strong heritage and reputation for academic and practical contribution to leadership and developing organisational and individual leadership capability.

The HCL embraces the richness and diversity of leadership research and practice. It is inclusive and values a variety of approaches to the thinking and practice of leadership and building leadership capactiy. This is represented in the diversity of interests and expertise among the HCL team, its partners and the doctoral students. 

Paul Cannock - A personal view on leadership at the European Space Agency

In the MSc module Leadership Theory and Practice we welcomed Paul Cannock, Head of the Estates and Facilities Management Department at the European Space Agency, as guest speaker in the class on 8th March. Find out more about his visit here.

Aspirations of the HCL

Developing a strong voice and a focal hub for innovative insights and stimulation about engaging leadership research, practice, and development.

Bridging and blending academic and applied challenges in different spheres of society to influence practice and policy.

Creating a fertile, supportive, inspiring community of practitioners, programme members, faculty, students, associated researchers and doctoral students.

Establishing the Henley LAB for Leadership with international organisations for peer-to-peer learning, joint research, and individual and organisational development.

  • Dr Bernd Vogel shares Open call for Case Proposals, Developing Leaders for Positive Organising

  • HCL Research Seminar Series - Professor Michelle Bligh - 'How Followers Create and Sustain Leadership'


Why the HCL?

Members of the HCL address a range of leadership challenges:

  • Future notions of leadership and developing leadership capability
  • Creating energised teams and organisations
  • Leadership identity and decision-making
  • Innovation and creativity and the impact of leadership
  • Leadership of change and complexity
  • Leadership in the context of projects
  • Women in Leadership
  • Manager’s personal development and reflective practice
  • Developing individual, organisational and societal leadership capability.

HCL members are researching in and working with national and international organisations in various sectors including private, public and third sector organisations.

Engaging leadership a vital perspective

Leading engaged and engaging people is crucial to successful organisations - especially for complex ventures, change, innovation or technological breakthrough, and to create business opportunities. In our own research 80% of participants state ‘Maintaining and building employee engagement’ and 58% nominate ‘Organisation-wide leadership capability’ as the most important people management objective and development priority (6th Henley Corporate Learning Priorities Survey 2015).

The HCL explores engaging leadership as a multi-lens, pluralistic idea and set of practices - beyond leadership of individuals towards engaging leadership capacity of entire organisations.

What we mean by engaging leadership!

Leadership is a multi-facetted approach that aims to reflect ambiguous, complex and high paced challenges that society, organisations, managers and employees face. Leadership is deeply rooted in relationships and processes and created jointly by the people involved. It is a multilevel phenomenon, relating to organisations and teams as much as to individuals.

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Purposeful and responsible upwards engaging leadership and sideways engagement between peers are as equally important as leading from the top. Engaged and energised organisations in the present and future world will therefore thrive with pluralistic engaging leadership and leadership development thinking, mind-sets and practices. Engaging leadership becomes a capacity of the entire organisation and leadership everyone’s job.

The Henley Centre for Leadership support the Henley MA in Leadership.  This is a part time programme that will provide an intensive and personal leadership development experience to current and future leaders.

Follow a blog about energising, engaging and multi-facetted leadership http://blog.berndvogel.org/


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If you have any questions, please contact Dr Bernd Vogel by email at bernd.vogel@henley.ac.uk or by phone on +44 (0) 1491 414548.

Job opening - Seeking to appoint Professor in Leadership

The leadership centre aims to appoint a Professor in Leadership. We are seeking an outstanding individual to provide academic and research leadership to the growing area of leadership. The post-holder will be a researcher with an established international reputation and outstanding publishing track record in the field of leadership. The candidate will contribute to the Henley Centre for Leadership through outstanding quality publications, impactful research and research grant income.

For more information and the job description, please click here.

For any enquiries please contact Bernd Vogel on bernd.vogel@henley.ac.uk