About us

Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting (BISA) is part of the Henley Business School at the University of Reading. Characterised by its distinctive approach, BISA integrates socio-technical thinking and interdisciplinary expertise in many areas such as information management, business processes and systems, accounting and finance. Taught by world-renowned faculty, the programmes within BISA feature a vibrant mix of industry knowledge and academic excellence.

BISA works closely with top international industry and academic partners to deliver a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Our Partners and customers include Beijing Institute of Technology, Renmin University of China, PwC, CapGemini and Deutsche Telekom. BISA has built an excellent record of knowledge transfer and commercialising research outcomes both locally and internationally.

Research centres, based within BISA, aim to provides indisciniplinary centres of excellence and expertise in specialist areas of informatics and Accounting.

Collaborative research has resulted in contributions in various domains such as enterprise strategy and architecture for competitive advantages, enterprise systems solutions, intelligent and sustainable built environments, and information management in healthcare. BISA boasts a thriving PhD programme in a range of informatics and accounting topic with 30 plus doctoral researchers. BISA leads research and manages partner relationships across the globe to consolidate best practices into teaching programmes for the benefit of course participants and partner organisations.