Henley in your country - USA and Canada

Since gaining AACSB International accreditation, we have experienced a growing demand from the United States for our MBA programmes.

Our students from the USA and Canada have a clear focus on a 'European' style MBA and on gaining an international view of business both from an operational and a strategic perspective.

Henley continues to participate in the annual World MBA Tour in the USA, visiting New York, Boston and Washington - providing prospective applicants the opportunity to talk to hundreds of potential students. There is particular interest from North America for our Full-Time MBA and Flexible Learning MBA programmes.

The Full-Time Henley MBA

Students usually take 11 months out to complete this intensive Full-Time MBA programme, delivered at our Greenlands campus in the UK. This programme has a strong international approach involving periods of study in Europe (Spain), South Africa and China  - we give our students an international perspective of business and cultural issues in each of these regions.

The Henley MBA (International Stream) by Flexible Learning

We have over 18 years experience in the delivery of Flexible Learning and we support over 5,000 students worldwide studying with us in this way. East Coast US residents are taking a keen interest in this Flexible Learning MBA programme. Because of their place of residence, they are not able to commit to the regular programme of workshops here in the UK, which support them in progressing through the flexible learning MBA. The International Stream has been designed to focus the subject content of our workshops into one intensive residential week in each of the three years of the programme. These weeklong workshops are complemented by a series of virtual workshops delivered as webinars, enabling contact between the School and the students, wherever they reside.

International Stream students also have access to the unique Henley e-Learning and Learning Resource Centre environment enjoyed by all of our MBA students. The syllabus and assessment of this is identical to the standard delivery of the general Flexible Learning programme and leads to the award of a Henley MBA.