Postgraduate Alumni Stories

Take a look at our case studies below to see what our postgraduate alumni have to say about studying at Henley.

Shu-Hua Hung, MSc in Accounting and Financial Management, 2012 

"I am glad that I made this decision to study at Henley because it provided high quality facilities combined with a diversity of modules and a high quality of teaching. During my student life in Henley, I not only gained professional knowledge and skills at its highest teaching quality, but also got continuous support and care from teachers and staff. The beautiful campus and the perfect location near London also attracted me."

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Mohamed Wurie, MSc International Business, 2012

"The Henley experience itself was amazing, from curricular to extra-curricular. The courses were very stimulating and will definitely challenge you to think outside of the box, and will allow you to develop using insight - a skill that you will find invaluable and will use way after you have graduated. The programme was also made more interesting by guest lecturers and the diverse range of international students from all over the world, which definitely provided in a way a real work environment - if engaging in international business."

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Adeyinka Adewale, MSc Marketing and International Management, 2011

"I chose Henley because of its reputation, the fact that it had a wide reach of alumni and because responses to enquiries prior to my arrival were quite impressive and timely. One of the most outstanding features of my Henley experience was the interaction I had with students from so many countries, from which I learned a lot. The learning atmosphere created is conducive in facilitating both individual and community learning. The tutorials and groups assignments are particularly good for developing relationships among students from diverse backgrounds."

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Bikram Chaudhury, MSc Marketing and International Management, 2011

"The diversity in the classroom was evident and each student was encouraged to contribute, challenge and be challenged by the perspectives of classmates and faculty. This experience presented me with a unique opportunity to widen my perspective, appreciate different cultures, and strengthen interpersonal skills."

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Juliane Ehrlinspiel , MSc in International Management, 2012

"The MSc in International Management is an academically intense course which provides individuals with the necessary skills to enter the rather competitive market. It was the best year of my studies and the most challenging too. The experience in Reading has changed me professionally as well as personally by broadening my horizon and changing my entire approach to problem solving."

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Faith Jegede, MSc in International Management, 2012

"Applying to Henley Business School was perhaps one of the best decisions of my career to date. Its reality exceeds its reputation and Henley is truly deserving to be coined as one of the top management schools in the UK. My year at Henley was challenging, intense, yet overall rewarding. The MSc in International Management not only served as a great introduction to the business and management worlds, but also allowed for me to gain in-depth insight into more complex concepts and theories."

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