Alumni profile - Kim Bendtsen

Kim Bendsten'Henley gave me some significant and good tools to manoeuvre in the difficult times.'

Kim Bendtsen, CEO, Scandi Logistics Group, Spain


What motivated you to think about taking an MBA?

As I was operating in a very operational business segment, I felt I needed to get an education that provided me with a broader and in-depth knowledge of business. I felt by taking an MBA I could develop myself and the company into a different area, by being highly operational focused. I wanted to expand my view how to become a better leader and what tools there were available for me, so what was then more obvious than getting an MBA.

Why did you choose Henley?

The reason why I chose Henley was due to its accreditations and its reputation. Leif Bergmann from Henley Nordic had a significant role to play, due to his approach of highlighting the good issues of Henley, so after my talk with him I decided this was the place to take my MBA.

How far are you into the programme?

I received my MBA degree in 2008.

What are your highlights so far?

For me one of the most important things is that I increased my ability to analyse business strategies. I have a BA in Logistics but the MBA changed my view of thinking across the whole organisation taking it all more up in an 'eagle perspective' but still have the ability to 'walk the talk' and understand the implications in all levels of business. Personally it gave me a new mind set towards business and now after going through difficult business times in 2008 and 2009 the positive performance made by the company is mainly due to the skills I developed at Henley. As I normally say: everyone can be a captain in good weather, but it is when the bad weather hits you, that the difference is made. And for my situation Henley gave me some significant and good tools to manoeuvre in the difficult times.

What have been the greatest challenges?

The greatest challenge for me was the dissertation, as being a highly operational person to produce a highly academic dissertation was quite a challenge to me. And, as for most students, the workload combined with family and work commitments has often been quite a challenge.

Tips for managing your studies alongside work/personal life?

Discipline and self-motivation. You simply have to be disciplined in all that you do, and in your planning, and the self-motivation takes you through the difficult times specially in assignment and examination time.

Tips on being a successful flexible learner?

Based on my personal experience it is fundamental to use your study group and workshops as much as possible. Also the dialogue with your tutors is of high importance.

'the knowledge combined with the learned tools has given me some significant management techniques'

How has your performance at work changed since you started?

I have gained more knowledge during my MBA studies, and the knowledge combined with the learned tools has given me some significant management techniques.

What have been your greatest achievements since starting?

My greatest achievement was on 24 May 2008 receiving my certificate. It was a fascinating day. It was great to see the faces of pride on my children, and I know that this event gave them a new set of ambitious goals.


Advice to those thinking about studying an MBA at Henley?

Make sure you want to do it, and that you have the time for it. You will need the entire backup you can get from family members and friends during the MBA period. Make sure you have discipline and self-motivation.

What are you hoping for when you have finished your MBA?

To me all is about life-long learning so this is just another step in my personal development. By using all my knowledge I hope to increase my personal ambitions and optimise performance for my company.