Alumni profile - Michelle Ragoonanan-Ali

‘Colleagues have expressed a positive change in my management style and overall performance.’

Michelle Ragoonanan-Ali, Owner, HR Consultant, StaffPlus Solutions, Trinidad.

What motivated you to think about taking an MBA?

My main motivation to pursue an MBA was to make myself more marketable in the corporate world and also to earn a higher salary as a result.

Why did you choose Henley?

After extensive research on MBA programmes offered in Trinidad and Tobago, I choose Henley mostly because of its excellent international reputation and because of the online tutor access and availability of CD and print resources.

How far are you into the programme?

I completed the Henley MBA through distance learning in May 2009.

What are your highlights so far?

The Henley MBA allowed the application of theory to the actual work environment. This for me was the highlight of the programme since it enhanced my analytic skills and my ability to contribute strategically in my role.

What have been the greatest challenges?

My greatest challenges were balancing my time amongst working, studying and rest.

Tips for managing your studies alongside work/personal life?

Be disciplined and committed in meeting deadlines, and reward yourself with some fun. Make time for the family members who support and encourage you.

Tips for being a successful flexible learner?

Develop a strong networking relationship with colleagues and listen to advice.

How has your performance at work changed since you started?

I feel more confident in my contribution and decision-making. Whilst doing the programme, there is an actual feeling of elevation and transition from where you are – where you want to be and how you are going to get there; the Henley MBA fills in the gaps. Colleagues have expressed a positive change in my management style and overall performance.

What have been your greatest achievements since starting?

I gained the confidence to make the transition from the Public to the Private Sector. The Henley MBA has inculcated new vision and culture in my mind-set and poised me to eventually launch my own business in 2010. I am now the proud owner/HR Consultant at StaffPlus Solutions a company specialised in providing HR solutions to small business owners and individuals.

Advice to those thinking about studying an MBA at Henley?

Go for it! The Henley MBA puts your working experience into context and equips you to incorporate the knowledge gained into any organisation.

What are you hoping for when you have finished your MBA?

My hopes for valuable knowledge to strengthen my experience and significant personal development have been achieved.