Phil Aiken

From building a mud-brick church overlooking the city of La Paz, to organising a tea party for HM The Queen in the middle of an automotive test track; from serving as a chaplain in Formula One, to chasing Sunseeker powerboats round Europe in a Porsche; Phil Aiken has had a diverse and adventurous career, with exposure to many luxury brands and people at the extremes of the wealth spectrum.

Phil currently heads up the sales and marketing for The Blades aerobatic team; former RAF Red Arrows pilots who make up one of the UK’s foremost display teams and the world’s only ‘aerobatic airline’. Working with a niche product with a niche and demanding clientele, Phil has first-hand experience of dealing with those accustomed to the luxury lifestyle.

However, he has found that living out and working with well established core values of relationship building, integrity and plain-speaking have enabled him to engage with boy bands and billionaires alike. His realisation is that the pretence can often overshadow the person, and it is the person he is interested in.

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