Developing Ambidexterity


On 21 January, Professor Jane McKenzie led the first in a new series of Henley Business School alumni webinars, as she examined why organisations find it hard to be innovative and efficient at the same time.

Professor McKenzie explored what leaders can do to create conditions in which people feel able to exploit existing know-how and explore innovative new fields at the same time. She also spoke about how we can create a more carefully crafted approach to human capital management and argued that this is key to engaging both sides of the organisational brain.The topic sparked thoughtful debate around how to encourage employees to think in an ambidextrous way and how to create recruitment processes that value divergent thinking.

Over 196 people registered to watch the webinar and participants engaged in a topic that affects businesses globally. We were excited to witness participation from all around the world including Albania, Barbados and Vietnam; An excellent example of the truly global reach of Henley Business School’s alumni network.

The webinar was the launch of a mini series of four, planned to take place between January and July 2014. It was recorded for ‘on-demand’ viewing - please visit our website and register to view it online.

Professor McKenzie will be one of the speakers at the Henley Forum Conference in February 2014. Book your place now, for the opportunity to find out more about organisational learning and knowledge strategies.

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