MBA Careers Survey

MBA Career Capital: A survey of the Henley MBA Alumni

It has been argued that careers 'should be shaped and managed more and more by the individual than by the organisation' (Cascio, 2003). Is the MBA a classic example of an individual assuming responsibility for his or her own career? Is the MBA on its own the answer - or is it most powerful when combined with experience? Inkson and Arthur (2001) suggest that 'as we move from job to job, we do not start each time from scratch...thus our careers are “repositories of knowledge”’. In this study we adopt the notion of career capital (knowing how, knowing why and knowing whom) in order to consider the career development of MBA alumni. The Henley research team for this project comprises Prof Chris Brewster, Dr Liz Houldsworth, and Dr Richard McBain. The survey is online and feedback from the pilot suggests that it will take between 15-25 minutes to complete.

How do you indicate consent to take part in this project?

Upon accessing the online survey you will read the following statement 'by completing the questionnaire and submitting your data you are indicating that you have read the briefing sheet, are willing to participate and for your responses to be included in the analysis.' Individual respondents will not be identifiable unless they indicate their willingness to take part in subsequent interviews.

Why should you take the time to do this?

Your participation in this survey will serve to:

  • Support research findings in a key area around managerial careers. The unique nature of Henley alumni with their strong practitioner experience is likely to provide new insights.
  • Provide valuable findings for the MBA Programme and Alumni Relation teams.

Can you find out more about the research?

If you wish to find out more about this or associated projects, please contact Dr Elizabeth Houldsworth

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