Henley Global Masterclasses - Friday 20 May 2016

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Masterclass 5 - Jon Foster-PedleyThe Invisible Strategies of Creativity and Innovation

Much of organisational and business activity is focused on efficiency, process control, planned strategy and on creating order, scalability and reliability. As a result, initiatives in innovation are either approached from this perspective, which often results in poor success or seem disorganised, ill-disciplined and even mysterious. In fact the creative, design and innovation processes have structures, disciplines, strategies and flows that are well-understood by many creatives, even if rarely articulated well. These invisible strategies, if revealed and grasped well, can greatly improve our innovation capabilities in businesses and organisations. With less focus on efficiency, but more on effectiveness and on how to create new forms of value, our organisations remain relevant, useful and viable.

Masterclass 6 - Professor David Lane - The Perils of Prescription? What a Review of the Child Protection System in England Tells Us About Managing People.

This session looks first at a high-profile review of child protection activities in England, conducted for the Department for Education. Previous attempts to improve the sector had produced a ‘tick-box’ culture of prescription which frustrated employees, politicians and the public, and had questionable benefits for children.

The talk describes how well-meaning policies had produced a range of unintended consequences, notably the emergence of a ‘compliance culture’. The session then describes the creation of a large, complex systems map which acted as an organising framework for the set of recommendations for changing that culture. Key implementation steps have been taken to create a child protection system with the properties of a learning organisation.

The session then steps back to consider more general lessons regarding when a prescriptive approach to managing organisations is damaging and when it can be highly effective.

Masterclass7 - Professor Davide Castellani - MNEs and the Geography of R&D and Innovation.

R&D and innovation activities are strategic activities that are typically concentrated in close proximity of the firms’ headquarters. However, the increasing complexity and pace of technological change has forced firms to engage in greater internationalisation of such activities, in order to learn faster how to adapt products to local market needs and to tap into pool of specialized competences.

This talk will discuss both the constraints and opportunities that this process created for multinational entreprises (MNEs), highlighting the role of geographically specialized clusters of knowledge as key attractors for the location of MNEs innovation and knowledge-creating activities. In particular, it will be shown that, unlike what some authors maintain, the world of innovation is not flat. Instead it is very ‘spiky’, and centres of excellence in specific technologies are very much concentrated in few locations around the world. This implies that MNEs may need to locate R&D in locations which are relatively distant from the headquarters. In this respect, institutional proximity and connectivity between places may counteract the cost of organising activities in relatively remote locations. This will bring us to discuss the role of global cities which, due to their great degree of connectivity, are emerging as key hubs for MNEs innovation and knowledge creating activities.

Masterclass 8 - In Conversation with Julia Massey (MBA, 1992), Chief Operating Officer, Nicole Farhi

Dr Shaheena Janjuha Jivraj talks to Julia Massey, Chief Operating Officer of luxury fashion brand Nicole Farhi about the successes and challenges she has faced in her own personal leadership journey. The conversation will then be opened up to the floor to allow delegates to put their own questions to Julia.


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