Henley Global Masterclasses - Saturday 21 May 2016

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Masterclass 9 - Danica Apolline - Strengths, Success & Overdrive in Leadership

Knowing your strengths as a leader enables you to understand what gives you energy, and how you use that energy with powerful effect to deliver successful outcomes. Using your strengths as you share your vision can spark engagement, lead to skilfully execute and sustain progress. Those strengths can, however, go into overdrive, leading to unintended consequences, and – as we will explore – has often led to the downfall of world class leaders.

Presenting new ideas that are coming out of the field of Positive Psychology, this session gives you an opportunity to understand:

  • What your individual strengths as a leader are 
  • How your individual strengths boost your success – and the success of those you lead. 
  • Which of 4 areas of leadership you most apply those strengths to.
  • How to use your strengths to boost your levels of success in areas of leadership that are more challenging for you.
  • How you can use your strengths to identify solutions to challenges when they arise.
  • Case histories of strengths in overdrive and how they have impacted the success of leaders around the world.
  • What overdrive looks like for you as a leader
  • Strategies for how to overcome overdrive, and remain a resilient, agile yet successful leader through chang

Masterclass 10 - Professor Andrew Kakabadse - The Nature of the High Performing Director

Professor Kakabadse’s research shows that tension, division and an inability to address critical issues is the norm in private, public and third sector senior management teams and boards. In fact, just over 34% of top teams are continually divided on the nature of the mission, vision and strategy of the enterprise and 66% of these accomplished top managers find it difficult to raise the uncomfortable issue. Further, boards are identified as neither adding value nor addressing the critical governance and strategic concerns facing the enterprise.

However, a small minority of companies, government agencies and third sector entities emerge with world class capabilities and do realise sustainable success. The making of such top teams and boards will be the focus of the masterclass. Attention will be given as to why critical issues are not addressed and how powerfully intelligent and accomplished people fail under pressure. Equally, why others are continually resilient and capable of confronting known concerns and leading their organisation to continued success, is given specific attention. The disciplines and capabilities for high performance will form a critical part of the session.

The research behind the masterclass is extensive covering over 12,500 organisations across 21 countries and over 5,500 boards across 14 countries. The results of Professor Kakabadse’s study can be found in the recently published book, ‘The Success Formula’, Bloomsbury, 2015.

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