Henley Global Masterclasses - Thursday 19 May 2016

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Masterclass 1 -Professor Jane McKenzieEnergising the Squeezed Middle

Middle managers are key change agents. They have to both interpret senior managers intentions for change, and at the same time still deliver business as usual. This means they face many tensions and conflicting demands. They are the people who have to navigate the uncertainty and ambiguity inherent in the roll out of change programmes, whilst still maintaining their credibility and delivering on performance targets. As a result, they often feel simultaneously stretched by lack of resources and  squeezed by contradictory demands. Sometimes the demands on their time and energy may feel overwhelming.  What can organisations do to re-energise their efforts,  improve their sense of engagement with the necessary changes and help them maintain credibility and trust with their teams, that they are leading and managing? Prof Jane McKenzie will give you the chance to explore some of the ideas coming from work with various large organisations in public and private sector, and consider how you might be able to use them in your management practice.

Masterclass 2 - Professor Andrew Godley - The Truth About Entrepreneurship!

Entrepreneurship is flagged as one of the most important contributors to future economic growth and creative vitality. Entrepreneruial activities are celebrated in the press, entrepreneurs are lionised. But any dispassionate account of the real economic impact of entrepreneurship would be non-plussed. The long trem impact on any economic variable chosen is close to negligible. This masterclass explains what entrepreneurship really contributes to economic and business growth and why we shouldn't get carried away with the headlines.

Masterclass 3 - Dr Christian van NieuwerburghWhat we know (and don't know) about coaching cultures. 

In this masterclass, participants will have the opportunity to engage with the latest research and theories about the popular concept of “coaching cultures”. The term is now widely used but what exactly is meant by a "coaching culture”?

During this interactive session, the term will be defined and some of the relevant research will be discussed. Based on a recent journal article, practical experience of working with organisations to embed coaching and his recently edited book, Coaching in Professional Contexts (Sage, 2016), Christian will explore what we know about coaching in organisations and ask challenging questions about "coaching cultures”. What are the key elements of such a culture? How might a leader encourage the creation of a coaching culture? How have some organisations implemented them? What would be the first steps towards such a culture? These and other questions will be considered. What does all of this mean for for organisations interested in developing or embedding coaching cultures? Come to this masterclass with an open mind!

Masterclass 4 - In Conversation with David Roberts (MBA, 1989), Chairman, Nationwide Building Society

Professor Ginny Gibson talks to David Roberts, Chairman of Nationwide Building Society about the successes and challenges he has faced in his own personal leadership journey. The conversation will then be opened up to the floor to allow delegates to put their own questions to David.

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