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Lifelong learning


Once you become a Henley alumnus, you not only join a global community of thousands, but you also solidify a lifelong relationship with Henley. We will always be here to help you. The global Henley community with always be here to help you.

The community supports through:

  • hosting networking events
  • mentoring graduates
  • offering expert advice
  • volunteering to lead chapters

We support alumni in turn by:

  • organising masterclasses, webinars and knowledge-led events
  • ensuring you receive discounts on future study
  • keeping you updated on the latest news from Henley
  • producing quality, regular professional and personal content
  • maintaining the relevant level of Library access
  • facilitating careers support from our in-house team

All of this, and much more besides, can be found on Henley Live - the home of alumni networking & learning.