Bursary Recipients

The Henley Alumni Bursary was launched in 2011. Since then the support of alumni has provided Bursaries to over 20 students on degree programmes from Undergraduate to MBA level.

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The Henley MBA

The first recipient of the Henley Alumni Bursary, Noxolo Hlongwane, was awarded a bursary to study on the Full-time MBA Programme at Henley Business School. During her time at Henley she had the opportunity to meet some of the Pioneers at Donor Day at the Whiteknights campus, where she expressed her gratitude in person to those who made her journey possible. Nox was considered a valuable member of her learning team and wider intake. She very much enjoyed the unique experience that Greenlands offers and attended Henley Royal Regatta and Members’ Day.

Nox has recently returned home to South Africa after completing her studies at Henley. The Development Team invited her to provide an update on her post-MBA career development, which we would like to share with the Henley Pioneers and Donors.

As part of the Henley MBA, Nox’s cohort travelled to South Africa on a study trip that forms part of the Reputation and Responsibility module, an essential part of the learning experience for those on the Full-time MBA and Executive MBA programmes. Programme members were put into teams and allocated an organisation to work with during the study trip. With guidance from Dr Kevin Money, Nox and her team were assigned to work with an organisation dedicated to building the impact investment market infrastructure and integrated intermediation services necessary to help businesses operating in sustainable sectors raise capital and trade financial securities. Her team was responsible for conducting a reputation audit with the organisation’s stakeholders.

It was through this project that Nox was introduced to the team at a banking institution, who were seeking to appoint someone to work in their Philanthropy Office in Cape Town. As a result of this introduction, she was interviewed and subsequently offered a position. Her remit includes assisting clients to professionalise their giving, through the establishment of appropriate and tax-efficient vehicles and structures to carry out their philanthropic activities. She also advises on financial sustainability for not-for-profit organisations.
Nox has now relocated to Cape Town and is combining her new role with completing her Management Challenge. Her research topic focuses on the adoption of impact investment vehicles in South Africa to encourage wider participation in sustainable social development initiatives by the private sector, beyond their current traditional corporate social responsibility activities. She is due to submit her Management Challenge in late spring and to graduate in October at Greenlands.

‘I am very passionate about social issues in South Africa and feel the environment is a perfect fit for me. I feel that I can make a meaningful contribution and impact while still working in a corporate and professional environment.’
Noxolo Hlongwane, Full-Time MBA

‘The Reputation and Responsibility module is about building strong relationships and understanding different perspectives – it is fantastic to see that these relationships continue to grow and flourish after Henley have come and gone. I will look forward to having Noxolo as a speaker on our 2013 visit to Cape Town – I’m sure she will have some useful connections for this group.’
Dr Kevin Money, Associate Professor of Reputation and Director of the John Madejski Centre for Reputation

‘Nox’s contribution and attitude have proved that she was a worthy recipient of the scholarship she received. The generosity of the international alumni made this possible, and allowed her to pay back her learning into the development of Africa. It’s this sort of contribution that makes a real difference in people’s lives.‘
Professor Jon Foster