International Alumni Board Scholarship

The cornerstones of our global alumni network are our International Alumni Chapters, whose Heads and members work tirelessly to keep their peers engaged, support one another locally, facilitate continuous learning and inform their local alumni communities of the amazing work that continues to come out of Henley Business School.

Following the inaugural International Alumni Board meeting, held in February 2018 at the Business School’s Munich Campus, the assembled Heads of Chapter have joined together to create a new scholarship fund, to lead the charge in demonstrating the generous spirit of philanthropy amongst our global alumni community.  

Initiatives such as this are revolutionising the prospects of undergraduate and postgraduate students across the world, and are helping to bring a knowledge of business and finance to all levels of society, for the benefit of all. 

Current Donors

To date the following Individuals and Alumni Chapters have donated to the International Alumni Board Scholarship:

Jeffery Bohn- Lead Volunteer, South Korea Alumni Group Saleh Hussain- Chair, Middle-East Alumni Group
Jean-Pierre Choulet- Director of Alumni & Development, Henley Business School Gudrun Kuhlmeier- Head of Network, Communications & Events, Henley Business School
Dato’ Kuak Fong Yap- Chair, Malaysia Alumni Group Judith Mark- Chair, Trinidad & Tobago Alumni Association
David Foo- Chair, Singapore Alumni Association Paola Tinti- Head of Fundraising, Henley Business School
Zak Sivalingum- Chair, South Africa Alumni Association Henley Business School Alumni Association, Malta

Support the International Alumni Board Scholarship

Henley Business School is truly a global community, and we want to ensure that all academically capable students, regardless of their personal financial circumstances, and regardless of their location in the world have access to an education at one of the world’s leading business schools.

With your help, we can give someone a life changing opportunity to study for a degree in business or finance, that will give them the potential to revolutionise their own, and their community’s lives. 

If you would like to donate to the International Alumni Board Scholarship then you can make your gift here

Alternatively, if you are interested in facilitating your Alumni Chapter to donate to the Scholarship, or are interested in learning more about the Henley’s International Alumni Board Scholarship, then please contact Paola Tinti, on, or call +44 (0)118 378 4096.  

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