Student Excellence Programme

At Henley Business School, we are dedicated not only to attracting and developing the leaders of tomorrow, but also to supporting them through their education with us, regardless of their background or personal financial situation.

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and supporters, we are able to offer a number of bursaries and hardship funding for students from undergraduate to MBA level.

In light of the changing face of Higher Education in recent years, with rising course costs, a fall in available funding and a lack of financial stability, means that many potential students are being forced to consider whether they can afford to pursue their academic ambitions, and accrue debt. Equally, rising living costs and unforeseen personal circumstances can see students enter financial hardship whilst they are studying, with the risk that these students may not be able to afford to continue studying for their chosen course.

Should you be interested in applying for a Henley Alumni Bursary please go to one of the relevant sections below for more information:




The Henley Alumni Bursary was launched in 2011 and since then the generosity of our alumni and supporters has enabled students suffering from financial difficulty to embark on and complete a course at Henley Business School.

I was very pleased and excited to eventually hear that some fund was available and I was awarded Henley Alumni Bursary of £10,000.00…. Had I not been awarded this bursary I would have definitely supressed my interest to study Master degree at Henley Business School. It would have been the end of my academic plan. I sincerely express my gratitude to alumni who have contributed towards maintaining alumni bursary…. My ultimate goal is to complete a PhD in a topic related to the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in developing countries. Whatever career I follow, I will always uphold the reputation of Henley Business School and praise Henley alumni for their generosity which has enabled me to achieve my academic ambition.

Indra, Henley Alumni Bursary Recipient, MSc Entrepreneurship & Management

The Henley Alumni Bursary relieved the financial burden on my family and was the main reason for me triggering the procedures to come to Reading for my studies and to join the BSc Finance & Investment Banking course at the prestigious Henley Business School.

Faadhil, Henley Alumni Bursary Recipient, BSc Finance & Investment Banking

‘I strongly believe that Hardship Funds such as this are really important to financially weak and struggling families like mine. It gave me, as a child from an underprivileged family, a broader level of opportunities, to perform in line with those better off.’

Ruben, Hardship Fund Recipient, BSc Management with IT

‘I am sure that if the Hardship Fund had not been in place I would have undoubtedly failed my course… I firmly believe that this fund should continue. I can see myself as a contributor to this fund in the future. One day my contribution could be a life saver for someone.’

Danish, Hardship Fund Recipient, MSc Investment Banking & Islamic Finance

We can only continue to offer scholarships, bursaries and hardship grants with the incredible support of our alumni and donor community. If you would like to donate and help us maintain and expand our Student Excellence programme then you can donate here.