Teaching & Learning

Our Teaching & Learning initiative exists to enhance the student experience at Henley Business School, whether that is ensuring the availability of excellent study resources, or supporting the mental well-being of our student body.

At Henley Business School we do not just want to attract the best and brightest student talent from around the world, we also want to enable our students to work to the best of their ability and achieve their full potential.

Augmenting the student learning experience at Henley Business School does not just benefit our current students and staff, but also benefits the prospective employers of our students, who can be confident in the knowledge that Henley Business School graduates have everything at their disposal during their studies with us to excel.

As part of this, Henley Business School aims to:

  • Enhance the way that academic content is disseminated to our students, through investment in Lecture Capture Technology and other forms of pedagogical resource.
  • Increase the variety of academic resources that our students, faculty and alumni have access to, and bolster academic resources that our community currently has access to.
  • Provide a comprehensive programme of support to advise, nurture and support students who experience issues associated with their own, or others mental health, to ensure that they are given the best possible care and can complete their degree programmes.