Are you up for a challenge?

The Henley Forum Leadership Challenge will test your ability to orchestrate measurable business value

Do you or your people have the right knowledge, but find it hard to translate it into value?

What difference would it make if you could harness your collective knowledge?

In a series of workshops and events run by the Henley Forum in conjunction with the Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership, the Henley Forum Leadership Challenge offers you the opportunity to find out how to lead in a way that inspires meaningful change.

Maximising the effectiveness of your organisation’s collective intelligence, and helping knowledgeable people to connect and relate, is vital. But these days, achieving this while instilling agility and resilience requires a new kind of leader.

If you want to be confident and credible in a world of ambiguity and uncertainty, this challenge is for you! Take the initiative and explore how to channel your collective knowledge in a way that truly benefits the organisation.


The Henley Forum Leadership Challenge

Initial workshop – Wednesday 19 November 2014

Why knowledge leadership demands a different approach

The first event in the Challenge is a workshop that will explore the economic and human resource challenges that demand a new style of leadership, as well as how to integrate more knowledge into the decision-making process. Guest speakers and peer-to-peer discussions will help illustrate why knowledge leadership requires a new approach.

The speakers for this event include:

Hamish McRae,a hugely respected economic journalist and long-serving associate editor of The Independent. Hamish is also author of the acclaimed book, The World in 2020: Power, Culture & Prosperity – an international best­seller that has been translated into a dozen languages.

Karen Moran,HR Director, Resourc­ing, Talent & Leadership at the BBC. In her current position, Karen plays a key role in talent attraction, performance and engagement, as well as designing, building and implementing development initiatives to strengthen leadership capability.

Jane McKenzie and Christine van Winkelen, Directors of the Henley Forum, will lead workshop activities based on Forum research into the future trajectories of knowledge-based organisations.

The Henley Forum Leadership Challenge

Subsequent events

The other three events in this series will explore what that different approach looks like and how leaders can develop towards it:

10 December 2014 – Knowledge-driven leadership agility (webinar)

14 January 2015 – Full-day research showcase

25/26 February 2015 – Two-day Henley Forum Conference: Leading smarter businesses

Having ‘orchestrating’ leaders at all levels is vital. They know how to get results by managing tension, contention and intention. Participating in the full Henley Forum Leadership Challenge provides a chance to access the latest thinking about why knowledge leadership is an economic imperative, what effective leaders are doing, and how you and your organisation might integrate these advanced leadership capabilities into the way you work. Join us to:

  • develop your own thinking and skills as a knowledge leader in your organisation
  • learn the latest research and the practices of other organisations
  • advance your understanding of effective leadership practices and behaviours that increase the value of intellectual assets by channelling organisational learning and the flow of valuable knowledge into greater performance

You can register for the full experience or choose the individual events you would like to attend. The Challenge is designed to provide an integrated experience that builds connections between the separate events. However, for organisations that want to spread the benefit of the insights, there is an option to pay for the full package, and elect to send different people to the various events.

For full information download the Leadership Challenge brochure. Payments can be made online.


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