The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring Project

The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring Project

This research was commissioned by EMCC and was undertaken by a team of researchers in 50 countries across Europe. The research was sponsored by The Henley Centre for Coaching.

The aim of the research project was to extend beyond traditional institutional networks and the main European languages (English, French, German and Spanish), to provide a more inclusive research study, recognising the equal value of all European countries, languages and cultures, and of the different professional bodies and institutions.

The survey was launched on 1 March 2017 in 31 languages, ranging from English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, to regional and less well-known languages, including Catalan and Serbian.

The survey consisted of six streams; coach stream, mentor stream, coach commission stream, mentor scheme manager stream, safety coach stream and driving coach stream. While all six streams contained some core biographical data, the six streams collected role-specific data, and thus effectively consisted of six parallel research studies.

In all, 2,791 participants were included in the analysis, from a total of 45 European countries. Of these, 13 countries had more than 50 participants completing one or more of the six research streams within the survey.

Please see below a copy of The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring Research report.

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