Decent Work Project

What is Decent Work?

This is a question which policies makers and researchers across Europe are trying to establish. The project is a collaboration between four countries, UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy and the following researchers: Jonathan Passmore (Henley Business School), Leonor Pais (University of Coimbra), Nuno Rebelo dos Santos (Universidade de Évora), Tânia Ferraro (University of Coimbra), João Moreira (Universidad de Lisboa), Salvatore Zappalà (Universidad de Bologna), and Vicente Martinez-Tur (Universidad de Valencia).

The aim of this Project is to study various aspects of how people feel and think about their work. Participation is voluntary and takes around 12 minutes.

The data collected is anonymous and confidential.

So far over 200 people have completed the questionnaire, but only 350 in the UK, which is the lowest response rate of the four countries in the study. Our aim is to secure over 500 responses.

Take part at the ‘Decent Work Project’ questionnaire now.

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