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Dr Suzanne Pollack, programme director for the Henley Leadership Programme, talks about how businesses can improve their people and, as a result, their organisational performance.

Based on Henley’s global reputation as a centre of excellence in transforming individuals, Suzanne explains how sharing the organisation’s vision, giving clear direction and being explicit about an employee’s role within the process can deliver enhanced loyalty and productivity.

Suzanne also laments the underinvestment in personal development in many organisations, which leads to a loss of competitive advantage as well as diminished motivation and morale. She cites the confusion between leadership and management as being a common cause of disconnection between those at the top of the business and those they task with achieving the goals they set.

The ‘personal, pragmatic and empowering’ Leadership Programme – run over a 5-day module, then a 2-day follow-up module – gives participants a tailored journey that equips them with an array of cutting-edge tools and techniques.

So what are the outcomes?

Based on feedback from participants, it’s clear that they gain a better understanding of how to network effectively, grow in confidence – especially in challenging the accepted norms and facing difficult situations – and learn to delegate responsibility.

They develop a more rounded perspective, and start to think more deeply about the bigger picture and how to generate new opportunities for the business.

And when leaders think differently, and put into practice the skills and approaches they acquire on the programme, the resulting improvement in organisational performance is usually immediate, clear and unequivocal.

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