Going digital with business design

You need the right talent to enable your business to take advantage of digital technology.

Organisations are being told to redesign their businesses to ‘go digital’, if they want to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive digital economy. But that is easier said than done, if you do not have the capability within your organisation. You can hire consultants, but you still need internal professionals and managers to guide the transformation and make it sustainable.

It’s a lesson that Professor Sharm Manwani learned as CIO for various market-leading multinational companies, such as Diageo and Electrolux. He is now applying this experience in his role as Programme Director of the Strategy & Enterprise Architecture (SEA) programme. It is a collaboration between three international business schools, Henley, TIAS and Technische Universität München (TUM), that has been identified as best practice by the European Commission.

What makes the programme special? Sharm explains:

Sharm Manwani

We know that integrating business and IT is both critical and challenging for organisations, even more so with new digital technologies. There are some great professionals out there designing architectures, developing systems and running projects, but, as joint research from McKinsey and Henley has identified, they often lack the strategic capability and influence to really make a difference. Our goal is to help them and their organisations by giving them the concepts and the confidence to increase their credibility and contribution.

IT professionals are sometimes categorised as seeking certainty when it is not appropriate. By providing multiple views of developing strategies, a different type of thinking emerges around innovative business and operating models linked to the enterprise architecture. Real-world case studies bring this to life and participants return to their organisations equipped with practical tools. They can develop, as highlighted by Gartner, into vanguard professionals, operating at the forefront of digital-enabled business.

As the third cohort of SEA starts in September 2016, what has been the experience of prior participants? This is perhaps best summed up by Dilek Schein, CIO Bayer de México who clearly articulates the value she has gained:

"What I learned on the programme was crucial to my new role as a country CIO and in establishing IT as an essential company function. The programme's broad scope helped me set up my new organisation in alignment with the business strategy. The personal development modules were important in strengthening my leadership skills. I also gained useful insights into how to manage organisational change while at the same time establishing IT as a business-enabling rather than a purely service function."

Details of Henley Business School’s  Strategy & Enterprise Architecture (SEA) programme programme can be found at www.henley.ac.uk/SEA.

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