Is your current business strategy delivering the desired results?

Jeff Callander talks about what happens in the room during our three-day senior executive strategy programme and how this leads to real business results.

As the Programme Director for Henley Business School’s Challenging Strategies with Insight programme over many years, Jeff Callander has seen some very impressive strategies – and some real surprises.  

‘Many senior executives hold MBAs or similar qualifications and have embraced the various theoretical models’, Jeff told us. ‘However they often aren’t provided with any real experience in practical application. Add to this a layer of pressure to respond within a short time frame and, often, to follow an organisational template – and the end result is neither market-research driven nor objective-led, and may fail to be effectively implemented.’

Jeff goes on to quote an example where an organisation he worked with had set an objective of 20% growth. Yet when they worked through market data, it showed a general trend of over 30% growth, meaning their business strategy could result in them actually losing market share! They also lacked of understanding of who their customer really was and where they could potentially increase business. With pressures of time and resources, this lack of insight is not unusual across organisations. ‘We challenge participants to consider whether their current strategy is based on real evidence, and whether it really goes hand-in-hand with goal-setting, as it should.’

Participants value the way the programme has a direct practical application to their roles. Jeff adds, ‘The frameworks and ideas we explore during the three days are designed to continue to work for you back in your role. This ensures the strategies you present to your board and senior team are robust, driven by market-research and insight, and therefore easy to present to both decision-makers and those who will implement them within the organisation.’

‘Our strategy programme is designed to allow senior decision-makers to expand their horizons, really think creatively about what a strategy is and how it will be implemented. It is less theory and more an intellectual and practical challenge. In fact the challenge starts before you even enter the Business School; we get you thinking and get you working in preparation for the course. It’s a programme for leaders intending to make real changes within their role and their organisation.’

Designed for board members, current and future leaders, and senior executives with responsibility for strategy, this programme always delivers, as the course evaluations verify. ‘We create champions and ambassadors.  We produce enlightened, more assertive leaders who can see more clearly, and are far more focused on market-led strategies, because they understand that it’s only these that actually work, and create value for their organisations.’

Jeff Callander is a business management strategist who has been lecturing and consulting for over 20 years.  Challenging Strategies with Insight is a three-day residential programme, next running in November 2014.