Top 10 reasons for signing up for the GDPR Transition Programme

Top 10 reasons why a company needs to send their senior manager on the GDPR Transition Programme

1. Legal requirement
There is now an imminent legal requirement under European law that any person appointed as a DPO must be up-to-date with all the changes brought about by the GDPR. And even post-Brexit, the regulation will apply.

2. Fines
All companies have to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from personal data breaches under this EU Regulation. Fines for data breaches can be as high as 4% of global turnover. Effective training is essential.

3. Leading business school
This programme provides a high level of confidence for the Board. It is run by Henley Business School, so training and assessment is in accordance with the high standards you’d expect from a leading business school and is run in partnership with GO DPO, experts in data management.

4. A clear plan
Given the tight timescales – less than 2 years to implement - attendees on the programme will leave with a clear plan of how to map the requirements set out in the GDPR in their organisation.

5. Flexible
The programme is flexible – a combination of face-to-face and online - to minimise disruption to your organisation. The GDPR Transition Programme is designed to be completed within 5 months.

6. Professional skills, knowledge and expertise
For any DPO this programme will provide the required professional skills, knowledge and expertise required under this new law. The DPO also has training responsibility as part of their mandate.

7. Advise, supervise and fulfil obligations
It will equip a DPO with the necessary tools and understanding to advise their board, give supervision to others and fulfil obligations to both their organisation and supervisory authority.

8. 100-day plan
One of the foundations of the GDPR is the risk-based Data Protection Impact Assessment. This programme provides the attendee with a 100-day plan and the necessary knowledge to lead a company-wide DPIA to allow data processing to take place within European law.

9. Reporting data breaches
One of the major business continuity and regulatory risks, is the reporting of personal data breaches both to the Supervisory Authority and to Data Subjects and our programme covers how to do this in detail.

10. Certificate of Completion
Achieving the GDPR Transition Programme Certificate of Completion from Henley is a significant professional recognition from one of Europe’s leading business schools and opens the pathway for further career advancement in the future.

Contact details:
Ardi Kolah LLM, Co-Director, GDPR Transition Programme
Tel: 077100 77941 /0208 542 8786