Twitter Valentines Day Competition

Can’t wait to celebrate?
Can’t stand Valentine’s Day?

Either way, here’s a chance to win 2 restaurant vouchers worth £25 each to either take your other half out and celebrate, or if you prefer, take your best friend out and celebrate not celebrating!

The competition is taking place on the Twitter @HenleyBSchool page.

All entries MUST use the # tag #HenleyValentinesDay.

To enter the competition you have to simply add a photo which is in some way related to Henley Business School, for example it may be that you have met your other half or partner whilst studying at Henley or perhaps there is a place on campus that is romantic or has special meaning to you.

Not a fan of Valentine's Day? Not a problem! Your photo could be of something that you believe is funny in respect to Valentine’s Day as long as it is not offensive (please note RULES below).

Photos have to be accompanied by an appropriate tweet.

Entries will only be accepted if they adhere to the competition RULES.
Entries that disregard or break these rules will not participate in the competition and if deemed offensive, will be reported.

The winning entry will be the entry that has the greatest number of retweets.

Rules of the Competition 

  • The Henley Business School Valentine’s Day competition is open from 7 February 2014 4 pm and until 14 February 2014 at 4 pm.
  • To participate you must be over 18 years old and a current UK-based Henley Business School student.
  • The photos and tweets entered for this competition must not be in any way offensive or disrespectful to any individual(s) or group of individuals and must not contain nudity or images of offensive nature or obscene or inappropriate language.
  • If the photos submitted for the competition contain pictures of any specific person or people their permission needs to be sought first, unless the image contains a silhouette or view of people from a distance.
  • Participants can enter the competition only if they agree that the photos they submit will remain visible on the Twitter @HenleyBSchool page and that they may be added to another social media channel on an official Henley Business School social media page at a later date.
  • The prize consists of 2 vouchers worth £25 each from both to be given to the participant whose entry has had the greatest number of retweets up and until the day that the competition ends.
  • The winner will be contacted by Henley Business School via a direct message in Twitter for the purpose of receiving the prize and will need to provide valid contact details in order to arrange obtaining the vouchers.
  • The winner will receive the prize after it has been confirmed that they are a current student at Henley Business School.

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