Careers- Events

Careers- Events

On top of the curriculum, we have a range of additional events for students across the year.

Most of our events run in the autumn and spring terms.

Our events include:

  • Monday Night Employer Panels

Quiz a range of panellists from a variety of backgrounds about what it's like to work in their sector. Each week in the autumn term focuses on a different sector so you can find out what it's really like to work for specific companies and sectors.

  • Industry Insights

Each week in the autumn and spring term the ICMA Centre has a talk from someone in the finance industry to help you develop your commercial awareness and understanding of the financial services industry.

  • Success Studio

Develop your confidence and get involved in something different in the spring term at these masterclasses. From cartooning, philosophy, stand-up comedy and LEGO sessions, you can develop skills employers are looking for in a fun way.

  • Resilient You

One of the key skills employers are looking for is resilience. Learn how to cope with change and uncertainty in these sessions which are run throughout autumn and spring.

  • MBA Breakfasts

MBAs are regularly invited to join a small intimate breakfast with senior Henley alumni to gain industry insight from someone who has completed the MBA themselves.

  • And many more!

You can see an example of the events we ran in Spring 2019 in the Henley Careers Spring Event Brochure.

You can book your place at most of our events on MyJobsOnline.

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