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Emma Would

Emma Head Shot mtime20181019093029

What made you choose this course, and what did you want to achieve?

‘I was always interested in maths and business at school, but thought a maths degree on its own might be too restrictive. I liked the idea of gaining work experience, which led me to look at business courses that offered a placement, and when I visited the Open Day, I loved it!

‘Everything about the place made me feel happy; it is on a really nice, green campus and the Business School has great facilities. Reading is a lovely town with all the shops and restaurants you could ever want, but it is not so big that it would be overwhelming.

‘Overall, the excellent reputation of Henley Business School and having the opportunity to work at PwC made it a very attractive proposition.’

So tell us about your experience so far?

‘It has been really good. The first year allowed us to settle into university life and enabled us to build up networks of friends across other courses.

‘I am now President of the Accounting & Business Society, so I organise social events to bring all four year groups together. My placement has been a real highlight too, allowing me to put my university studies into practice.’

How did your placement come about, and how is it going?

‘When I applied for the course, the process was slightly longer and involved a more detailed application and assessment centre. The big advantage of the course was the guarantee of work placements at PwC, in the middle of the second, third and fourth years.

‘I have been really enjoying my placements working at the Milton Keynes office, and have had the opportunity to travel all over the country for different clients. Providing I achieve a minimum of a 2:1, I will be coming back to PwC after graduating (September 2019) to start full time.

‘When I leave university, I would like to complete my final three exams to become a qualified Chartered Accountant, and then, who knows?!’

So what advice would you give to anyone thinking of doing this programme?

‘Do your research and go to an Open Day to make sure it feels right for you. But from my own experience, if you want to become a Chartered Accountant, PwC is absolutely the top of the pile. Henley’s teaching is world class, the university is excellent, and there’s so much to do in the town.

‘Being able to work and study, side by side, really enhances the learning experience, and the sports and social aspects of university life are fantastic. I am having a great time and would really recommend both the course and the university!’