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Senior Leader Apprenticeship Business Administration

World of Work - The Equity Effect: Creating the workforce of the future

Equity-led Senior Leader Apprenticeship programmes

Who are they for?
Business Administration with EDI focusLeadership with EDI focusFuture Leaders with EDI focus

Current leaders responsible for organisational development or setting strategies within a business area or across the wider organisation.

Leaders who are driving projects or organisational developments through a team of people.

Emerging leadership talent within early careers who aspire to be leaders of the future.

When do they start?

March 2022 (nominations close December 2021)

How are they taught?
  • Learners understand why equity is critical for organisational success and develop equity-driven strategies within their organisation
  • Contextualised learning tackles current organisational challenges
  • Inspirational speakers who have activated relevant strategies will share valuable insights
  • Open cohort networking increases collaboration and exposure across a variety of industry sectors
  • Action Learning Sets enable leaders to practise applying their knowledge
  • Personal development empowers learners to challenge behaviours

Find out more about each programme:

Senior Leader Apprenticeship (Business Administration)

Enable individual and organisational transformation by developing your apprentices to be the best leader or manager they can be.

Senior Leader Apprenticeship (Leadership)

This progamme supports learners to discover and become the leader they aspire to be - and that your organisation needs them to be.

Senior Leader Apprenticeship (Future Leaders)

Develop the competencies of your organisation’s emerging leaders.