Achieve More - Simpler, Better, Faster! NEW

Event factfile

Date of event: 8 October 2020
Event ends: 8 October 2020
Start time: 09:30
End time: 16:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership. *Up to 2 Places*
Achieve More - Simpler, Better, Faster! NEW


‘CEOs are operating 50–70% below their potential(Zehnder, 2018).

Are you ready to unleash the rest of it in yourself and others?

Activate your infinite brain! Get personalised reports measuring your mental agility and motivation.

Equipped with practical tools, new techniques and 15 physical brain fitness exercises, you’ll learn to:

• think, learn and work faster, improving your brain flexibility to achieve more with less

• recognise nine motivational hot buttons to fire you up – simpler, better, faster

• boost six drivers to improve your performance, health and long-term well-being

Who Should Attend?

Ideal for directors and senior managers who need to realise more from themselves and their people, simpler, better and faster, cutting through busyness as usual to deliver astounding results. The greatest source of power is the potential inside of us; this session is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll be inspired, stretched and challenged to make a step change in your leadership.

Key words

The primary theme is ORGANISATION and the secondary theme is LEADERSHIP.

It is relevant to the development of Neuro-agility, Agility, Flexibility, Decision-making, Productivity, Motivation.

THP, The Henley Partnership

Carole Gaskell

Carole G

Carole is an award-winning speaker and author of global bestsellers Transform Your Life – 10 Steps to Real Results and Your Pocket Life Coach, plus Full Potential Leadership – A Provocative Call to Make a Dramatic Difference and Full Potential Coach – Transforming People’s Potential into Results.

Founding leadership firm Full Potential Group in 1998, Carole is a cancer survivor, passionate about well-being and performance, activating more potential in leaders, teams and organisations to make a greater difference in the world.

*Per member organisation. “Up to” indicates the maximum number per member organisation, it is not an allocation of places. All places are subject to availability at the time of nomination. Nomination Forms are dealt with on a first come first served basis and a place cannot be booked or held without a fully completed and approved Nomination Form.

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