Coaching Webinar 2017 - Coaching Research - The latest - Anthony Grant

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Date of event: 18 July 2017
Event ends: 18 July 2017
Start time: 10:30
End time: 11:30
Price: £25 +VAT (10% discount for Henley alumni & current students)
Coaching Webinar 2017 - Coaching Research - The latest - Anthony Grant

Coaching Webinar 2017 - Coaching Research - The latest with Dr Anthony M Grant - Tuesday 18 July 2017 - 9.30 - 10.30am

This webinar discusses the nature of evidence-based practice as it relates to coaching and then presents a two-by-two framework that highlights the relevance of a broad range of research to evidence-based coaching practice.

The quantum of published material associated with coaching has increased exponentially over the past twenty years. Whilst this growth is good for coaching, the increase in and diversity of the knowledge base makes it difficult for practitioners to assimilate and utilise this information in the development of coaching as an evidence-based practice. Moreover, these is still a lack of clarity about what constitutes evidence-based coaching, and there have been few, if any, published guidelines about how to determine the relevance of different bodies of research to coaching practice.

Anthony will present a detailed overview of the coaching literature through the lens of a 10-point multiple-perspective model of coaching research which can be used to identify and classify key themes in the coaching literature.
The 10 perspectives are:

  1. coachee attributes
  2. coachee’s goals
  3. coachee’s personal system
  4. coach’s attributes
  5. coach’s goals and motivations
  6. coach’s personal system
  7. the coach-coachee relationship
  8. sponsor
  9. stakeholders
  10. the broader system and the systemic impact of coaching.

The aim of this presentation is to help further develop a more nuanced view of evidence-based approaches to coaching practice.

Dr Anthony M Grant

Dr Anthony M Grant is globally recognised as a key pioneer of Coaching Psychology and evidence-based approaches to coaching. He holds a BA (Hons), an MA in Behavioural Science and a PhD on Coaching Psychology. In January 2000 Anthony established the world’s first Coaching Psychology Unit at Sydney University where he is the Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit. He has over 100 coaching-related publications. He is a Visiting Professor at Oxford Brookes University; a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne School of Business; and an Associate Fellow at the Säid School of Business, Oxford University. In 2007 Anthony was awarded the British Psychological Society Award for outstanding professional and scientific contribution to Coaching Psychology. In 2009 he was awarded the “Vision of Excellence Award” from Harvard University for his pioneering work in helping to develop a scientific foundation to coaching. He was a 2014 Scientist in Residence for the ABC - the Australian National Broadcaster and in 2016 was awarded the Australian Psychological Society “Workplace Excellence Award for Coaching and Leadership”.

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