Coaching Webinar - Coaching and Cancer - Gill Smith

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Date of event: 13 December 2017
Event ends: 13 December 2017
Start time: 11:00
End time: 12:00
Price: Free
Coaching Webinar - Coaching and Cancer - Gill Smith

Coaching Webinar 2017 - Coaching and Cancer - with Gill Smith – Wednesday 13 December 2017 - 11.00 - 12.00

A unique event to launch the strategic relationship with the AC which we would like to extend to the wider coaching community. There will be no charge for this event.

What do you need to know to coach a cancer patient, their work colleague or their family and close friends?

This webinar will give information based on Gill’s recent experience after being diagnosed with secondary, incurable breast cancer.

What do you need to do as a coach to prepare your practice should you develop cancer?

In most coaching relationships the coach has extensive knowledge of the field - leadership coaching, career coaching, relationship building etc. And the coaching client has a clear idea of the issues they face. With cancer this will often not be the case.

Newly diagnosed cancer patients often do not know what lies ahead…

  • How will their work be affected?
  • Will they be able to continue to work?
  • How will their relationships with family and friends be affected?
  • How will their lives and priorities be different?

Friends, family and colleagues often do not know what to say and how best to support the cancer patient. Usually, but not always, they mean well.

As a coach, would you be able to continue to practice after a cancer diagnosis? What factors would you need to consider?

The speaker - Gill Smith

Gill’s career spans advertising, research and communications and coaching. She gets to the heart of what matters - whether it is a brand, an organisation or a personal sense of leadership and purpose. She has been described as a courageous Truth-Monger.

Since being diagnosed with stage 4 secondary breast cancer in May 2016, Gill has applied her skills to finding out what treatments might prolong her life, in addition to the treatment and drugs provided by the NHS. Mental attitude is key, and in her book she shows how her outlook and her knowledge have shaped her experience of cancer in a positive way. Through her diary and reflections Gill shows how, paradoxically, cancer has enriched her life in many other ways.

Gill is a partner in research and communications business Visionpoint, and was Chair of the Association for Coaching (AC), UK from 2013-2016. She is an Honorary Lifetime Fellow of AC, and was also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Coaching by Coaching at Work magazine in 2016.

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