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Coaching Webinar - Coaching Invisible Realities: What to Do When a Childhood Story Enters the Room

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Date 23 February 2021
Time 18:30-19:30 GMT
Price £25 +VAT (FREE to Coaching Centre Members)
Venue Online
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In this webinar, Dr Sarah Hill will facilitate an exploration of the place and purpose of exploring a leader’s childhood story and the importance of a coach rolling up their sleeves and going to work on their own story too. She will also outline a practical framework for doing childhood story work and highlight some of the core components for safely entering this territory with clients.

Her premise is that every leader in the world is shaped by their formative experiences. Whether they are aware of it or not, their earliest memories are influencing the way they show up, how they interact with others and what triggers their greatest reactivity, particularly when the stakes are high.

Exceptional leadership coaches are able to skilfully solicit the childhood story that underpins a leader’s characteristic behaviour, helping them access an unprecedented depth of understanding about themselves. Gaining command of this story can be singularly the most transformative act any leader may experience in a coaching relationship.

Who Should Attend?

The session is primarily for coaches who want to explore a model for working safely and effectively with their client’s childhood stories. It may also be of interest to HR professionals with a focus on providing leadership development opportunities that go deep to enable a real command of the self behaviourally, especially when under pressure.

Dr Sarah Hill

Dr Sarah Hill photo

Dr Sarah Hill is a co-owner of Dialogix Ltd. Her early career in a wide range of different sectors in the UK formed the basis for the behavioural work she does today as a dialogue and structural dynamics interventionist with individuals, teams and across whole systems. She coaches CEOs and senior leaders from a range of different cultures and countries, within large and small, corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Through her experience as a supervisor of coaches and practitioners in this field she has been described as the ‘consultant's consultant’.

Sarah is author of Where Did You Learn to Behave Like That? What led to the book was her support for the notion that behind every leader’s behaviour is a childhood story that can be a force for good, but also has the potential to wreak havoc, particularly when under pressure. Working globally, she is an internationally recognised expert in childhood story work. She is also Author of Dare to…, a journal which supports childhood story work, and co-author of The Tao of Dialogue.

“Sarah’s session was so clear and impassioned. She has a gift for explaining this very complex work in a way that makes it easy to grasp.”


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