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Coaching Webinar - Ethical Decision Making

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Date 8 July 2020
Time 18:30-19:30 GMT
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This webinar is for practicing coaches. It will be particularly useful for those who have a keen interest in ethical decision making.

Jonathan is Director of the Henley Centre for Coaching and Programme Director of both the Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching and the Henley Professional Certificate in Supervision. He is a chartered psychologist with five degrees and has experience of coaching senior executives and cabinet ministers.

He has worked for IBM Business Consulting and PwC, and has also worked in the academic sector, researching and writing extensively about coaching. He has published 30 books, over 100 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, and has spoken at numerous events. He is currently completing an eight-volume, two-million-word series on industrial and organisational psychology for Wiley.

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