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Coaching Webinar - LAZY Coach - Masterful Coaching

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Event information
Date 21 January 2020
Time 18:30-19:30 GMT
Venue Online
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Julie Starr is a coaching thought-leader with over 20 years experience supporting executives from the world’s largest organisations.

As Managing Director of Starr Consulting, her approach is challenging and compassionate, empowering clear leadership. She is a featured coach in the coaching documentary Leap! (2018), and a highly sought-after conference speaker.

Julie’s best-selling The Coaching Manual (2002) offers powerful principles and practical approaches, while The Mentoring Manual (2014) and Brilliant Coaching (2017) support leaders to improve business performance by developing people.

Carole Gaskell is an internationally renowned coach, author and speaker who founded the global leadership development firm Full Potential Group in 1998.

A top speaker at WBECS and Speaker of the Year 2019 among UK CEOs, Carole won the Vistage Speaker Award for ‘having the most impact on the lives of leaders’.

Carole has authored two global bestsellers, Transform Your Life and Your Pocket Life Coach, along with the specialist titles, Full Potential Leadership and Full Potential Coach.

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