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Online Conference - Global Coaching – Making a World of Difference

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Date 30 September 2021
Time 7:30-18:00 BST
Price £20 + VAT for Coaching Centre Members only and £95 + VAT full rate
Venue Online
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If 2020 has taught us anything it is that the world is smaller than we thought; we are more connected as a global community than ever before.

The continued rise of technology has enabled coaches to work with individuals and teams across different countries. Boards and teams are becoming increasingly diverse, representing the world they serve. At the same time, the growth of the three main professional bodies has brought common standards to global coach training through professional competences.

This year’s Henley Coaching Conference explores these global trends in coaching. What does it mean to be a global coach? How can you leverage your knowledge to serve the many, not the few? How can you respond to challenges around the environment, diversity and technology? What are the new rules of the game that you need to understand to be the best coach you can be?


This year’s Coaching Conference offers you the opportunity to continue your CPD journey.

There will be facilitated sessions running concurrently during the day. There will be breaks between sessions and delegates can leave and re-join at any point during the day.

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Session Summaries

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The conference will be live-online bringing together topics around global trends in coaching and exploring what it means to be a global coach.

It is our aim for you to engage in interactive, researched-based sessions bringing you the latest in thinking and practice.

Please find below a detailed summary of each session or click here.

Speaker Profiles

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We have world class speakers sharing their insights into the latest global trends in coaching.

Our speakers bring different perspectives on coaching - allowing you to develop your coaching skills.

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“Great mix of topics and speakers. Zoom worked well and great to see the use of Chat function - provided a rich source of engagement. Lots of takeaways.”
Feedback from 2020 Conference delegate

Bright and early session - 'The Art and Science of Credentialling with the International Coaching Federation' with Jonathan Drew and Suzanne Lines

Why bother investing your precious time and money to get a credential with the International Coaching Federation? How does this connect you to the global coaching community? How can you maximise the process and gain real value in doing so? How much of the process is an art and how much a science? This whirlwind session aims to answer everything you always wanted to know about credentialling but were too busy, too disinterested or too afraid to ask.

Keynote session - 'The Triple Crown of Diversity: For a Coach, for a Team, for Society' with Professor Claire Collins and Pavita Cooper

This session will be structured around a number of key questions that we raise concerning the partnership of coaching (and mentoring) and diversity. We aim to show that coaching can be a powerful tool for strengthening diversity from a number of perspectives. As experts in creating more diverse, equitable and inclusive communities, Pavita and Claire will explore the potential of the coach, the coachee and the supervisor in promoting more diverse and inclusive cultures.

Diversity and inclusion are strategic issues for all organisations, and their promotion should be championed at the highest level. This should be done by ensuring that every opportunity is given for building awareness, changing attitudes and behaviours, and embedding diversity as a value-based cultural essential for every individual, team, organisation or sector of society. We believe that coaches, supervisors and leaders should harness the transformative nature of coaching to ensure that these results are achieved.

In conversation with... Professor Manfred Kets de Vries and Dr Caroline Rook - 'Being a CEO Whisperer: Coaching C-Suite Executives'

At this critical juncture in the history of humankind, leaders that are proficient in magical thinking aren’t going to solve our problems. We need leaders who can resist the calls of regression and whose outlook is firmly based in reality. We need reflective leaders who are prepared to make an inward-bound journey, who are willing to face their strengths and weaknesses, and who use their own experiences as a developmental tool to build new understanding. In other words, we need leaders who pay attention to not only what’s happening above the surface, but also what’s happening below.

In this Q&A session with Caroline Rook, Manfred Kets de Vries explores the pitfalls of leadership and the challenges for the professionals who work with senior executives in today’s cyberspace environment. He will not only discuss what makes leaders derail, but also what can make them more effective.

Keynote session - 'Allyship in the Global World Order' with Dion Johnson

The pandemic has shone a stadium-quality spotlight on stubborn, prolific global problems and predicaments affecting us all. Inequality, injustice, all the ‘isms’, illness and indifference abound and are still a reality here and now in 2021 – it’s no longer appropriate to explore professional development without thinking about how we individually and collectively become part of their solution.

In this heartfelt presentation Dion Johnson, the Womanologist, comes to share what she is learning about the need for a joined-up approach and allyship in the closing of societal gaps that undermine unity and wellbeing for all peoples.

Discover three keys to successfully engage with what Dion calls ‘the real work’ of showing up, speaking up and shaking things up together – both in our own coaching practice and in our world.

Keynote session - 'The Role of Coaching in Africa’s Development: A Practitioner’s Perspective' with Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek

It is not possible to separate the role of coaching in Africa from the development of Africa. One is a powerful means and the other is the desired end state. During this session we will explore the importance of coaching and coaches in Africa. We will take a brief look at the landscape of coaching in Africa and highlight the new drive on the continent to amplify existing and create new coaching models and metrics. I will share some insights into what led me to create Zanga African Metrics and a unique leadership workstyles questionnaire for development in Africa.

Keynote session - 'The PERFECT Scan: How to Harness all you know' with Professor Carol Kauffman

Imagine you are with a client. Things are moving quickly. You are unsure of the best way to move forward, where resources are underdeveloped or obstacles unseen . PERFECT stands for scanning the Physical, Environmental, Relational, Feeling, Effective Thinking, Continuity (pull on past, present and future) and Transcendent layers of information and accessing tools from each. Each component draws on multiple theories and can help to organise the body of knowledge in your head and identify where to grow. This framework of frameworks has great practical utility to help find the interventions that will most serve your clients.

Keynote session -'Global Coaching for our VUCA World' with Professor Philippe Rosinski

Tackling today’s complex challenges requires going beyond traditional coaching. In this keynote session, Philippe will show how global coaching helps to promote the versatility and purposefulness necessary for greater impact, sustainable progress and meaningful success. Global coaching is an integrated coaching development approach that calls upon multiple perspectives (physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual). It is for leadership, team and organisational development, to serve multiple stakeholders and the world at large.

Keynote session - 'What is the Role of Equity in Coaching, Coaching Education and Research?' with Dr Terrence Maltbia

A core principle of professional coaching is the importance of creating, and maintaining, egalitarian relationships with the people we coach. Yet three concurrent challenges: COVID-19; disruptions to global economic systems; and wide-ranging social protest, serve to amplify cold hard truths that have existed for decades, if not centuries – that is, we cannot realise social justice without addressing injustice; the need for antiracism is rooted in racism; and true equity is achieved only by dismantling the very systems that sustain inequity.

In response to these trends, this session will explore the following questions: (1) Is the coaching profession immune from the broader dynamics of bias and power dynamics omnipresent in society? (2) What evidence exists that the coaching profession has been proactive in attending to these human dynamics? (3) What are our collective commitments to truly engage in coaching for equity?

Closing session - 'Journey to AC and EMCC Accreditation' with Jeannette Marshall and Julie Haddock Milar

The aim of this informative session is to provide you with the facts about becoming a professionally accredited coach and/or mentor with the AC or EMCC and outline the process that you will need to follow.
By the end of this session you will have:

  • established what coaching and mentoring accreditation is and explored your own accreditation experience
  • identified the benefits of becoming an accredited coach and/or mentor
  • identified the various accreditation routes for individuals, coach training providers and team and programme managers in coaching and mentoring
  • clarified what the eligibility and competency requirements are to achieve this
  • reviewed the application process to become an accredited coach and/or mentor

Through reviewing the requirements, you will be able to decide whether or not you will work towards gaining accreditation with your professional membership body and the most suitable pathway to follow.


The Henley Centre for Coaching will be recording this online conference for the purposes:

  • Of sharing it with attendees post event, to act as a reference point to help aid learning
  • As an additional membership benefit, we will also be sharing the recording onto our membership platform (Henley Live) 6 months post event.

The recordings for attendees and members indefinitely.

Please kindly note that any discussions taking place in virtual breakouts rooms will not be recorded. Any messages posted using the chat function will also not be included.

If you do not wish to be included in the recording, you will have the ability and choice to:

  • Mute your microphone and turn off your camera. However, you will still be able to engage with the session using the typed chat function
  • Change your Zoom handle/name so it is not captured.

If you have any questions in regards to this please contact

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