Playing the Leadership Game NEW with Professor Patricia Riddell & Gavin Weeks

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Date of event: 19 June 2018
Event ends: 19 June 2018
Start time: 10:30
End time: 15:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership.
Playing the Leadership Game NEW with Professor Patricia Riddell & Gavin Weeks

Acknowledging the popularity of neuroscience and behavioural science, two experts will distil and demystify the “brain in business”, and give leaders clear insight into how to manage their actions to ensure the right and positive reaction from their people. Practical science for everyone…

While there has been a rapid increase in competency frameworks suggesting capabilities great leaders should have, this can be different from what leaders do. Instead the pace of change and challenges to be addressed drive behaviour in the moment. But is this inevitable? Could leaders become more aware of their decision making choices moment to moment? Gavin and Patricia will illustrate the effect of different contexts on leadership behaviour through your personal experience of making leadership decisions. They will provide an opportunity for you to discover how you behave in different contexts and to reflect on the effectiveness of these behaviours. Using their respective expertise in behavioural science and applied neuroscience, Gavin and Patricia will unpack behaviours to provide new insights that will help you to choose how to lead effectively – even in highly demanding and fast changing environments.

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