Greenlands Masterclass - Same But Different NEW

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Date of event: 5 November 2020
Event ends: 5 November 2020
Start time: 09:30
End time: 16:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership. *Up to 2 Places*
Greenlands Masterclass - Same But Different NEW


It is easy to assume that business innovation = doing different things. In the real world of day-to-day corporate life, however, radical innovation is extremely rare, and what leaders and managers tend to need most are the everyday lateral thinking skills that can help them to keep doing the same things slightly differently.

With this in mind, this session by James Bannerman - the bestselling author of Genius! and Business Genius! - is designed to inspire business professionals to look at the familiar from unfamiliar perspectives, to spark fresh ideas and improved solutions.

Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the event you will have:

  • developed a deeper understanding of creative thinking – of the five main ways in which it can add value in business
  • improved your idea generation skills (using the CANDO method)
  • sharpened your idea evaluation skills
  • explored the power of innovative ‘tweaks’, and how small changes can make a big difference to performance, productivity and profitability
  • identified how both incremental innovation and radical innovation can help organisations to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world

Style of Delivery: entertaining, interactive, thought-invoking and business relevant.

Event Content and Delivery Style

This session blends taught input with group work, and facilitated discussion with case studies

It will begin by highlighting why creativity and innovation are considered vital in the modern world of business. It will then set out to illuminate why ‘doing different things’ and ‘doing things differently’ do not always have to be mutually exclusive, and how both macro-innovations and micro-innovations can add value to a company’s performance and prosperity.

The session will cover:

Lateral thinking warm-ups: Three lateral thinking exercises will be used to help delegates develop their mind elasticity and strategic agility.

The psychology of creativity: This section will examine how lateral thinking works from a cognitive perspective and show how we can all learn to think more creatively (whether we believe we are creative or not) with the help of specific mind-tools and techniques.

Idea generation: Supported by a wide-range of real business examples – from Puma to Ribena, from Agatha Christie to James Bond – delegates will be introduced to CANDO: the five main creative thinking techniques for generating new ideas.

Ideas into action: This section will then give attendees the opportunity to start applying CANDO to some of their own business challenges and scenarios, to explore how to do the same things differently to achieve improved results.

Idea evaluation: Insights from Edward de Bono and the SOS framework will be set out to show the importance of evaluating and refining new ideas first, before they become reality.

Conclusion: We conclude with why ‘same but different’ thinking can be deceptively powerful in business and beyond.

Style of Delivery:

Entertaining, Interactive, thought-Invoking and business relevant.

Who Should Attend?

This ‘Same but Different’ session is aimed at a rich variety of business leaders and managers – in terms of role, level and experience – who want to develop creative thinking strategies to bring out the zing (or put the zing back) in their everyday products, services, processes and systems.

Key words

The primary theme is INNOVATION and the secondary theme is STRATEGY.

It is relevant to the development of Growth, Mind-set, Creativity, Lateral-thinking, Inspiration, Spark, Leap, Bold.

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James Bannerman

James Bannerman

James is a creative change agent who combines creativity with psychology to help businesses innovate.

As an innovation consultant he has worked with many leading organisations such as Aston Martin, British Airways, Disney, HSBC and Starbucks, as well as at the National Space Centre on a mission to Mars.

He also lectures on business creativity and innovation on the MBA at WBS and Oxford Brookes University, where he is completing a PhD on the impact of lateral thinking upon organisational performance.

*Per member organisation. “Up to” indicates the maximum number per member organisation, it is not an allocation of places. All places are subject to availability at the time of nomination. Nomination Forms are dealt with on a first come first served basis and a place cannot be booked or held without a fully completed and approved Nomination Form.

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