Being Brilliant in People Development with Professor Nick Holley

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Date of event: 10 October 2017
Event ends: 10 October 2017
Start time: 10:30
End time: 17:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership.
Being Brilliant in People Development with Professor Nick Holley

Bringing the expertise and research of the Henley Centre for HR Excellence, this provocative and engaging practitioner unpacks what you need to know and do to get people development working brilliantly in your organisation.

Every year we run an event centred on being brilliant in the key areas of people development and HR. This year’s event will consist of three high-impact, power-hour sessions based around Professor Nick Holley’s research:

Something Rotten - we’re “no closer to leadership nirvana than we were previously”(1).  In our recent research we found there is something rotten in the state of leadership development. We will share our thinking about what to do about this, based on four key principles.

Political savvy - Developing people isn't just about the process and the approach; it’s as much about getting sign on from senior leaders. We will explore politics, but from a positive point of view, looking at how to operate in the real world to influence leaders to take seriously their role as developers and coaches.

Organisational viruses - Over several years we have observed several diseases that HR, and the wider business, suffers from that get in the way of it achieving its development goals.  Following on from Nick’s “HR Doctor” series, we will explore the symptoms and the cure.

(1) ‘The End of Leadership’ - Barbara Kellerman

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