'Gravitas - The Art and Science of Grace Under Fire - Rerun' with Caroline Goyder

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Date of event: 17 November 2015
Event ends: 17 November 2015
Start time: 10:30
End time: 17:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership
'Gravitas - The Art and Science of Grace Under Fire - Rerun' with Caroline Goyder

Research with senior executives says that gravitas accounts for 67% of executive presence. So, what is gravitas? And how can you boost it? This event will show you how to develop your gravitas over time through self-awareness and strong technique.

What makes others want to be led by you? Although what you say and do is the foundation of good leadership, your tonality, energy and presence are the key to inspiring others. Think of the voice of the pilot of a plane you travel on – in their calm, confidence and control you assess their ability to respond, in mind and body, to any turbulence you may face together.

Embodied leadership is tested in moments of turbulence. Your teams measure your leadership by your grace under fire – your ability to maintain control of mind, breath

and body, so you can communicate effectively and maintain the trust of others. How can you create a habit of being grounded and calm as leaders so that you take a feeling of calm and embodied, open connected presence that allows others to do their best work around you?

You’ll be given a toolkit for centring yourself into an embodied leadership presence that is authentic to you. You’ll learn how to deal with turbulence in meetings and stay centred around difficult people. You’ll learn tools to take this mindful, embodied practice forward into your life.

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