The Henley Partnership - 'Simplifying Strategy - What's it for, and Why do We Make it so Complicated?' with Jeff Callander

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Date of event: 31 March 2015
Event ends: 31 March 2015
Start time: 10:30
End time: 17:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership.
The Henley Partnership - 'Simplifying Strategy - What's it for, and Why do We Make it so Complicated?' with Jeff Callander

The more we look at strategy, the more complex it gets. We’ve decided to get back to basics with this session. It discusses what strategy means, and how you bring to life something that should be living and breathing as we drive our business forwards.

It’s time to look again at the formulation and development of strategy. Many companies complain that implementation is hard, and during implementation the energy fades. Why is that? In our experience, many company strategies lack substance. It’s often because there is a lack of clarity about what strategy is for, and how it should be used. When you think of strategy as a leadership tool, that connects employees throughout the business to a clear direction of travel, describes what’s needed from senior people, and provides a methodology for achieving success, then the game changes.

Starting by exploring what strategy is for, the session will then examine how to create a better strategy, examine how to use customer insights to test it, and how to sustain it as a working framework that focuses and engages the organisation. It will allow you to challenge your own business strategy, and understand when you’ll know when it is living and working. It will illustrate how the right work at the beginning will reduce the complexity when it comes to implementation. The aim of this session is to cut through much of the complexity around strategy, and give leaders a clear view on how strategy can be used as a more fundamental and operational part of the leadership toolkit.

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