The Language of Leadership with Simon Lancaster

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Date of event: 19 April 2018
Event ends: 19 April 2018
Start time: 09:30
End time: 17:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership.
The Language of Leadership with Simon Lancaster

Understand how to use language techniques to deliver the right messages, and explore the mechanics of a great speech. Work with a professional speechwriter and speaker to inspire your own communications. Laughter, language and learning all the way at this ever-popular event

Shhh… Did you know there is a secret Language of Leadership: a secret set of verbal, vocal and physical cues that has remained largely unchanged throughout the course of history; a secret code that still determines who rises to the top in politics and business? 

The Language of Leadership combines ancient rhetorical devices with recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and behavioural economics to offer the definitive guide to leadership communication.

The Language of Leadership sets out a simple three-step approach to winning minds.

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