The Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching with Professor Patricia Riddell & Denis Sartain

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Date of event: 7 November 2017
Event ends: 7 November 2017
Start time: 10:30
End time: 17:30
Price: Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership.
The Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching with Professor Patricia Riddell & Denis Sartain

Taking content and cases from their recent book, “The Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching”, these practitioners bring to life the science and subject of neuroscience.  Applying the theory to real-life examples, delegates will be encouraged to reflect and practice.

As experienced Executive Coaches, we are always curious about how the senior leaders we coach get ‘stuck’ with the issues they bring to us for coaching. These are intelligent, experienced, educated people, who solve difficult problems every day – so why do people like this (like us!) get stuck?

Neuroscience helps us understand why sometimes we need some external help to work our way through a problem. In this event, we look at five case studies of individuals coming for coaching, each presenting a different common coaching issue. Through the lens of neuroscience, we break down what goes on in our brains when we are faced with these situations, and understand why we can get stuck. We then look at the coaching tools that could be used for such situations – and gain a much deeper understanding of how and why they work. Then we give you a chance to try some of the tools for yourself and experience your brain doing something different.

This is the perfect opportunity to get some fascinating insights into the leading edge of applied neuroscience, and make progress with any annoying issues that might benefit from some coaching - so please come along with one or two things you might want to work on one-to-one in a coaching conversation as well, for maximum benefit from the event!

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