Our philosophy

By working in long-term partnerships with our clients, we can help to maximise the value of Levy contributions. We aim to utilise the fund to meet our clients’ strategic objectives and achieve their ambitions for their employees and organisations.

We support the Government’s ambition of using the levy to improve productivity along with its commitment to fund additional Levy funds to 90%. We believe its an opportunity that businesses should grasp.


Redefining Apprenticeships

We believe that the Levy is an important development in the skills development landscape. At the same time as the Levy being launched, the Apprenticeship Reforms are taking place. These reforms are equally significant as they modify what is known and described as an Apprenticeship.

  • Apprenticeships are now available to Level 7
  • They are available to people who are employed as well as new starters
  • People who already have a primary qualification can take a second qualification as long as it is not the same or similar to the primary qualification

Our offer

Henley Business School’s offer is broadly for people who are undertaking post experience learning. Typically, learners have been employed for a period of time and are seeking to improve and develop their skills.

We offer open and closed cohorts. Corporate cohorts (typically closed) are delivered in line with our clients’ strategic requirements. Corporate cohorts allow our faculty to direct projects towards strategic objectives that businesses are trying to meet.

Notwithstanding the requirement to deliver the Levy training, the Business School’s philosophy is to use Levy funds to meet the strategic ambitions of the client, based on an analysis of need within the business. Examples for current clients include:

  • Developing emerging talent to meet the needs of an ageing workforce
  • Implementing new project streams, such as disruptive technologies or new work-streams
  • Synthesising culture during and post merger/acquisition
  • Implementing re-engineering or growth strategies
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For more information about Henley’s apprenticeship programmes please contact us by email at apprenticeships@henley.ac.uk or by phone on  (0)1491 418733 .

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