From start to finish, our programmes are designed to help you add new dimensions and capabilities in your people and thereby transform the performance of your business. To achieve this, we support you and your staff at every step.

Stage 1

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First, we’ll work with you to identify the key strategic issue you want to address. We’ll help you devise a project plan, agree governance and direct the content and project work towards issues pre-agreed with your organisation. If you require specialist training in an area our academic staff don’t cover, we’ll find and recommend another provider to complement our offering.

Stage 2

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Once the objectives are set, you identify a group of key employees with the skills, job role and maturity to complete the programme. We’ll make sure all the employees you put forward are eligible for Levy funding and we can even help you with the screening process.

Stage 3

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We will induct the relevant members of staff – making sure they know exactly how to get the most out of the programme. This includes time-management guidance, HMRC Levy Gateway training and learning management advice. We will also provide guidance to their managers on how to support someone on the programme.

Stage 4

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Throughout the programme, our Apprenticeship Tutors will ensure that your employees are making sufficient progress towards their learning aims. If required, we’ll arrange additional support to help them fulfil their learning potential. We’ll also provide the client with management information.

Stage 5

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Each module combines reflective and workplace learning with one-to-one sessions and group masterclasses – a blended approach which gets the best out of every type of learner and ensures that the course material is relevant to your organisation’s day-to-day activities.

Stage 6

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Evaluation to ensure that the programme is delivering the ROI set out at the initial engagement.

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For more information about Henley’s apprenticeship programmes please contact us by email at or by phone on  (0)1491 418733 .

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