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European Coaching & Mentoring Research Project

This research was commissioned by EMCC and was undertaken by a team of researchers in 50 countries across Europe. The research was sponsored by The Henley Centre for Coaching.

The aim of the research project was to extend beyond traditional institutional networks and the main European languages (English, French, German and Spanish), to provide a more inclusive research study, recognising the equal value of all European countries, languages and cultures, and of the different professional bodies and institutions.

The survey was launched on 1 March 2017 in 31 languages, ranging from English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, to regional and less well-known languages, including Catalan and Serbian.

The survey consisted of six streams; coach stream, mentor stream, coach commission stream, mentor scheme manager stream, safety coach stream and driving coach stream. While all six streams contained some core biographical data, the six streams collected role-specific data, and thus effectively consisted of six parallel research studies.

In all, 2,791 participants were included in the analysis, from a total of 45 European countries. Of these, 13 countries had more than 50 participants completing one or more of the six research streams within the survey.

Please see a copy of The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring Research report.


Improving the Value from Corporate Coaching

This project is being led by Dr Dorota Bourne, Henley Business School in conjunction with Michael Beale of Executive Coaching Global.

If you would like to contribute, please participate using our online survey after reading the summary of our findings to date. See: Coaching Value Research.

It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete the reading and the survey. The last day for completing the survey is 30th January 2018

Respondents that complete their email addresses will receive a copy of the completed report. The results of the research will also be published on the Centre’s website in Spring 2018.

Decent work

What is decent work? 

This is a question which policies makers and researchers across Europe are trying to establish. The project is a collaboration between four countries, UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy and the following researchers: Jonathan Passmore (Henley Business School), Leonor Pais (University of Coimbra), Nuno Rebelo dos Santos (Universidade de Évora), Tânia Ferraro (University of Coimbra), João Moreira (Universidad de Lisboa), Salvatore Zappalà (Universidad de Bologna), and Vicente Martinez-Tur (Universidad de Valencia).

The aim of this Project is to study various aspects of how people feel and think about their work. Participation is voluntary and takes around 12 minutes.

The data collected is anonymous and confidential.

So far over 200 people have completed the questionnaire, but only 350 in the UK, which is the lowest response rate of the four countries in the study. Our aim is to secure over 500 responses.

You can find the questionnaire at:

On completion of the study the aim will be to produce a summary report along with several journal papers. 

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